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McIntosh Laboratory 1942 to 1972

Includes the following subjects:

How it All Started
Unity Coupled Transformer
Morris Painchaud Joins McIntosh
Gordon Gow Named Executive VP
Sentry Monitor

Meter Circuitry
A Visit With Dr. Harvey Fletcher
Research in Music
Mr. McIntosh in the News
McIntosh Records
C26 stereo preamplifier
Jefferson Electric & McIntosh Laboratory


McIntosh Laboratory 1973 to Present

Includes the following subjects:

New Building in Conklin
MR79 Tuner

Power Guard
Five Band Equalizer
McIntosh Photographer, Tony Frontera
Gordon Gow Passed Away
Frank McIntosh Passed Away
McIntosh Sold to Clarion of

McIntosh Mugs
Gordon J. Gow Technologies
Sidney Corderman Named President
McIntosh Cartridges and Tonearm
McIntosh Posters Part 1
McIntosh Posters Part 2


McIntosh Loudspeaker Division 1952 to 1975

Includes the following subjects:

Frank McIntosh and the F100 Speaker
Update for the ML-1C
New Acoustics Lab
Carl Van Gelder Joins McIntosh
Dave Wheaton Joins McIntosh
We Tested Electrostatic Loudspeakers
The ML-1D
Ionophone Loudspeaker

McIntosh Speaker Seminar buy Gordon Gow
McIntosh Equipment Consoles
McIntosh ML-10D
McIntosh Polygon Systems

McIntosh Equalizers Part 1
(The ML-1C speaker, MQ101 and MQ102 Equalizers)


McIntosh Loudspeaker Division 1976 to Present

Includes the following subjects:

The New Acoustics Lab Today
The Ray Lynch Story
Roger Russell Left McIntosh in 1992
Important Changes in Speaker Ratings
Listening and Hearing
McIntosh Anechoic Chamber
McIntosh Reverberant Room
McIntosh XRT20 Speaker System
Speaker Wire
McIntosh XR19 Speaker System
McIntosh XRT18 Speaker System
McIntosh XL-1W Bass Speaker
McIntosh XRT22 Speaker System

McIntosh XR250 Speaker System and LD/HP Woofer
McIntosh XR290 Speaker System

McIntosh Equalizers Part 2
(Room Resonances and Room Construction)

McIntosh Equalizers Part 3
(The MQ104 Equalizer and AA2 Analyzer)

McIntosh Equalizers Part 4
(The MQ107, MQ108, MQ109 and the XRT26 Speaker System)


McIntosh Products History

McIntosh Amplifiers Part 1 15W1 to MC2125 in numerical order
McIntosh Amplifiers Part 2 MC2150 to MC7300 in numerical order plus others
McIntosh Car Audio
McIntosh Home Theater Electronics
McIntosh Integrated Amplifiers
Loudspeakers Part 1 HT-1 to XE10 listed alphabetically
Loudspeakers Part 2 XL-1 to XRT26 listed alphabetically
McIntosh Preamplifiers
McIntosh Receivers
McIntosh Tuners
McIntosh Tuner-Preamps
All Other McIntosh Products


Other McIntosh pages

McIntosh Drivers and Crossover Networks
McIntosh Amplifier Clinics
McIntosh Advertising and Direct Mail
McIntosh Equipment Reviews
McIntosh Patents


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