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McIntosh Laboratory Inc. is located in the southeast corner of the city of Binghamton, NY. This is the main plant (Plant 1). It is located at 2 Chambers Street. This is a short dead end street that connects with Conklin Avenue, which is NY route 7. The Susquehanna River is on the other side of route 7.

Renovation of the front portion of the main plant was completed in early 2007. Combined with a globe that lights up at night, this updates the building with a modern appearance like those found in many industrial parks.


In Memory of Dave O達rien and the McIntosh Clinics

Dave O達rien passed away on January 9, 2007. He was born on May 3, 1928 in Worthington, Ohio. He was the son of Margaret K. and Harry R. O達rien. He is survived by his brother Donald and nieces and nephews. He will be remembered by many people who met him at the McIntosh clinics where he tested more than a million amplifiers all over the United States over a span of 30 years.

A brief description about the clinics is at

Dave O'Brien's McIntosh Amplifier Clinic Page

Dave also wrote a 53-page book about his experiences. In all those years, he encountered some unusual situations, some very funny and some very touching. It痴 all fascinating reading and there are lots of color pictures.  


The McIntosh Amplifier Clinics 1962-1991

In 1962 McIntosh Laboratory Inc. started what was to become one of the most successful and longest running marketing campaigns in the Consumer Electronics industry, The McIntosh Amplifier Clinic.


McIntosh amplifiers were and are "Still the Best" but they had to find a way to prove it to the Consumer. They did this by testing amplifiers in stores; with Customers as witness they were able to show that McIntosh was the best.


David H. O達rien may be the face and name most synonymous with McIntosh outside of Gordon Gow. He tested more than a million amplifiers all over the United States and Canada for nearly 30 years. Now, you can read the story of "The McIntosh Amplifier Clinics" written by Dave O達rien, available exclusively thru Audio Classics for $19.95. 


McIntosh History
Events that took place listed by year

Site Map


This site map is for McIntosh history pages.

Laboratory Part 1


How McIntosh Laboratory started with Mr. Mcintosh's consulting service in Washington, D.C. and up to 1972. Design description of the C26 preamp.

Laboratory Part 2


Continuing McIntosh Laboratory from 1973 to the present day.

Division Part 1


How the loudspeaker division started with Roger Russell and up to 1975. New information on how to restore and upgrade the ML-1C. A 1971 loudspeaker seminar by Gordon Gow.

Division Part 2


Continuing with loudspeakers from 1976 to the present day with many design and test descriptions. Includes Speaker Wire: A History.

McIntosh Equalizers


It started with the ML-1C and MQ101 equalizer. Later, it evolved to include room acoustics and then McIntosh acoustic test equipment plus further refinements. Lots of pictures and text. Presented in four parts.

The C26 Preamplifier


A detailed description of the C26 preamp that I designed and that eventually led to the creation of the MQ101 equalizer. Includes the C27 preamp and the MX112 tuner-preamp

Direct Mail


JRB advertising began in 1964 and expanded to direct mail. It was closed down in 1992.

McIntosh Products History
A detailed description of each unit, dates sold and original prices for all McIntosh products

Amplifiers Part 1


15W1 to MC2125 in numerical order.

Amplifiers Part 2


MC2150 to MC7300 in numerical order plus MK30 and industrial amplifiers.

Car Audio


MC 420 and later.



Woofers, Mids and Tweeters.

Home Theater


MX118 and later.



MA 230 and later.

Loudspeakers Part 1


HT-1 to XE10 listed alphabetically.

Loudspeakers Part 2


XL-1 to XRT26 listed alphabetically.



AE-2 and later.



MAC 1500 to present.



MR 55 and later in numerical order.



MX 110 and later.

All other Products


Includes CD players, performance indicators, equalizers, analyzers, control relays, cartridges, remote systems, video switchers, cabinets and accessories.

Equipment Reviews and Patents

Equipment Reviews


A list of reviews and related material about McIntosh found in magazines, books and journals. Contains name and date of publication as well as page number.



A list of McIntosh patents including date, number, inventor and patent name




"If you don't buy McIntosh, you will regret it,
 maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow
 but soon, and for the rest of your life!"




McIntosh In the Movies

What are the names of the movies that you have seen with McIntosh equipment somewhere in the background? Suggestions are welcome. Here's the beginning of the list that may be correct. I haven't checked all of them out yet.

9 1/2 Weeks (1986) starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. MC2155 closeup of one meter and countdown numbers.

As Good As It Gets (1997) starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt

Sounds and Silences (1964) Twilight Zone starring John McGiver. MX110 and MC60s

What Lies Beneath (2000) Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer

High Fidelity (2000) John Cusack and Stephen Frears

The Grateful Dead movie

Pillow Talk (1960) Doris Day and Rock Hudson. C-8 preamp. Can only be seen in the wide screen version.

Stepford Wives (remake) Nicole Kidman. MC2000 can be seen.

The Departed (2006) Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Leonard DeCaprio

Executive Action (1973) Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan. MX110

Akeelah and the Bee (2006) Keke palmer and Laurence Fishburne C24 and MC2505

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