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at McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. and the originator of
McIntosh Loudspeakers

Thanks for visiting my page. Make yourself at home and learn more about McIntosh Lab, Scripto pencils and mystery clocks as well as other subjects. I have been referred to as a renaissance man perhaps due to curiosity about various things and learning more as the truth is often hard to find. This carbon-based unit thanks all those who have voiced their appreciation for these pages and the information they contain. I hope to add even more. 

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McIntosh Laboratory Inc. History

McIntosh Related Sites

Speaker Related Sites

Personal Information

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McIntosh Related Sites




Audio Classics, Ltd.

Vestal, NY. Services and sells McIntosh, including the older tube equipment. Buys, Sells, Trades and Repairs High End Audio Equipment. Take a virtual tour.


McIntosh Audio

Knoxville, TN. Restorations, Detailing, Lab Services, Pre-Owned Stereo Components, Cabinets and Faceplates, Specializing in McIntosh.








Speaker Related Sites




My Experience with
Column Systems

A history of column designs that eventually lead to the creation of my unique wide-range column system.



What are they and how are they used?
Zobels and the IDS-25 speaker system.


Speaker Wire

It all sounds the same provided the resistance is low enough.


Audio Distortions

My latest page is a combination of humor and hard to find truth in the audio world.


audioXpress magazine

Information on speakers and electronics. Request a catalog for lots of speaker books, software, etc.


Listening and Hearing

Sound exposure and measurement, hearing loss, hearing protection, hearing aids and update for schools.


NoTone Acoustics

A slightly odd company with a questionable speaker and even stranger performance.


Paul Voigt Tribute

About Voigt, Lowther, Brociner and Hegeman Loudspeakers

Omnidirectional Speakers

Information on several different designs including the Harman Kardon Citation X, Eico HFS-2 and several others.



A history of equalization and all of its uses including speakers.


Emory Cook Tribute

Binaural records and a history of Emory Cook, magazine articles and many pictures.







Personal Information








I was a senior engineer for 8 years at the Sonotone Corporation, in Elmsford, NY. I designed several compact speaker systems and a wide variety of microphones. Includes a detailed description of the history and products.


Audio Engineering Society

I am a life member in the AES and joined in 1960. Previously, I was a student member at RPI.


My Art Page

Includes my paintings, crafts, Photography, cameras and darkroom. Contains many pictures


Magazine Articles

Magazine articles I have written about speakers, electronics, clocks and even an attic railway


My Sound

A personal voyage of nostalgia for my experiences in my early days with sound and the good old days of high fidelity.


The Woods

Discoveries and photos from personal adventures in my woods. A noontime escape from work. Includes a sequel about The Field.



Here are a few interesting rocks that I picked up from various locations. Includes a few fossils and some sand.







Other Pages That I Have Created



Norma Multikolor Pencils

A history of the Norma Pencil Corporation and a list of the many different pens and pencils they made. Colored leads are for sale in the 1.1 mm (0.047") size.



Scripto Pencils Leads and Erasers

Information about the company and the pencil products they made. The Classic pencils, leads and erasers are for sale.


Science Fiction

My personal voyage into the world of science fiction.



A reference for copper origins, uses and purity ratings.


Golden Hour Clocks

A history of the Jefferson Electric Company including many mystery clocks and other products. Lots of pictures and text.


The Clocks of Leendert Prins

The Dutch Secret, Etalage, Etalage Reclame, Sonic Industries Inc., Monitor Equipment Corp. MagiClock, Boots Boy and Rex Cole.

The Clocks of Jan Walma

Includes the Golden Secret and new battery operated mystery clocks that Jan designed.







Other Links





National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors


Clock History

A history of Westclox clocks and watches and a history of Telechron, Seth Thomas and Standard Electric Time Company clocks. Includes a large number of links.







 Learn about the exciting new


stereo loudspeaker system

Questions about the IDS-25 system are answered on my FAQ page.







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