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Jefferson advertised that they would make custom clocks from the Golden Hour, Golden Minute and Golden Helm.

Custom Orders

"The Jefferson timepieces illustrated in this brochure take on a particularly personal significance when they are custom-made by Jefferson's skilled artisans to incorporate engraving, glass etching, silk-screening, or emblem mounting. Ideal for awards or for fraternal organizations. Ask your distributor for quantity prices or write us direct for details.

Custom Clock Department-Jefferson Electric Company, Bellwood, Illinois"

Several of the bowling and golfing figure clocks have been found. These were created at the Jefferson factory. The clocks have custom engraving for individuals or organizations. The bowling figure is sometimes mounted facing in the opposite direction. The figures are solid three dimensional cast metal. Other clocks have had only engravings for events like years of service or retirement, etc.

This is a Golden Hour with a bowling figure fastened to the base behind the glass. The figure is 5" high and 4-1/8" at the widest point. The gold plating matches the rest of the clock. The base of the Golden Hour has been inscribed at the front "All Star League 1951-52. The clock weighs 1550 grams or 3.4 lbs. It has the normal maroon molded base plate and the name Golden Hour.

The owner described the clock on the right as a "Golden Golf" clock and is simply a Golden Hour clock with a solid-cast golfing figure added behind the glass. The size and color of the figure are again a good match with the clock




Custom Coke Clock

Here's a Jefferson Golden Hour Coke Clock. It appears to be original. The gold on the bottles matches the frame. The bottles are metal and tapped with threaded bolts into the dial frame. It has a standard black bottom plate and is dated 12-75 on the inside of the base.

It was likely special ordered from Jefferson for coke distributors. It's the only one ever found. Thanks to Steve Berger at Timesavers for the picture and description.


Sylvania Award Clock

Several of these presentation clocks have been seen. They have a mystery of their own about who made these clocks. The motor housing says Jefferson Electric Company Clock, Bellwood, Illinois. The plate on the back at the bottom says Medallic Art Company, NY.

This one has written on a ribbon across the figure "Sylvania Award 1955." Around the base it says "For Outstanding Contribution to Creative Television Technique to the Omnibus Radio Workshop of the Ford Foundation."

The clock is 13-1/2" high and 9" wide. The figure is 7" high and the dial is 7" in diameter. There are four clear glass discs. The two inner discs each have a lightning bolt hand that is driven separately by gears and a motor in the base. The front disc has a gold star for each of the hours. The rear disc is for protection.

This is the only clock mechanism using the Jefferson name that was made with a glass disc for each hand. This sort of device was previously being made by Etalage Reclame of New York. Some time shortly after 1950, Jefferson had bought the patent rights for this and other clock patents by Leendert Prins. It may be that the mechanism was made by Etalage but with the Jefferson name in it.



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