A Farewell Message from Your Editor
by Morris S. Dollens

The Science Fiction Collector
June, 1937


Yes, it’s really farewell---to the Science Fiction Collector. After 13 issues, I am forced to stop publishing the magazine that, from its very first issue, held, almost unanimously, the distinction of being stf’s best-hectoed mag. True, there were issues which did not turn out very clear---in fact, I consider the first eleven issues of the Collector not worth saving, with the possible exception of the 9th. It was not until the 12th issue that the magazine was worth subscribing for. The bad start I made with the first six or eight issues turned most of our readers against the magazine. Then, when we did get out a good issue, we had no support. So, under new ownership, the Collector ought to really go places. I hope you will all give your support and help the new owners.
          It seems only fitting that this issue, our thirteenth, should be the last under my ownership. I never believed in thirteen anyway, but I guess this proves the old saying about that number being unlucky.

          Due to certain unreasonable reasons I am forced to discontinue publishing the Collector. However, the complete rights to the magazine will be given to a friend of mine who is very competent in the stf field. I will not announce his name here, but I will say that I hope to send out a number of circulars advertising the new Collector, to our readers as soon as all arrangements have been made. The new owner will receive all the back copies we have, and also the unpublished material which was to be printed in the future issues of the Collector (and Science Adventure Stories).

          All payments for the Bibliography (which I have just begun, but will be unable to finish) will go toward subscriber’s subscriptions for the Collector. Science Adventure Stories’ subscriptions will also be added to the Collector unless the story-mag is published—I am almost sure that the new owner of SFCol will want to put out SAS soon.

          What all this boils down to is my end in the science fiction world. I will contribute hectograph illustrations to a few magazines for a month or so yet—also a very few linoleum cuts for printed magazines which want them. After that—I will do no more illustrations. So I ask that all of the hektoed or otherwise fan magazines that want illustrations from me order them immediately, for the date you want them may be too late. I will act as the agent of artist Charles Stiles, who has two beautiful cuts, this issue, for a while and then let him go “on his own.” He is very experienced in hekto illustrating and wants to become better known as an stf illustrator. Any publication wishing some of his pictures please order them from me. I am sure Mr. Stiles will welcome the publicity and I predict that he will soon, if not immediately, become one of the best stf hekto-artists.

          My cartoons for Phantasy World will continue will continue for another month or two. I also have about eleven or twelve stories started which I hope to finish before long---they will be donated to the fan magazines whom I consider most suitable for their publication.

          I am very sorry that I have to end my scientifiction career so abruptly—but someday I may return, though only with a printed publication de luxe! But until then I shall remain obscure after my remaining one month of stf activities.

          As soon as all arrangements with the new owners have been made, I will publish a small circular describing the New Collector and all our subscribers will receive copies so they may know who is taking over the Collector and may contribute if they wish.

And now, until you receive my last message in the “extra” edition of The Science Fiction Collector, I remain, Your editor Morris S. Dollens


Fantasy Fiction League


This is to announce that the complete rights to the Fantasy Fiction and Digest have been signed over to Donald A. Wollheim of 801 West End Avenue, New York City, New York. Hayward S. Kirby, originator of the club, and I herewith resign from any active office in the FFL. From now on, we ask that all members or those who are not yet members and would like to join, communicate with the new head of the organization, if you wish to be informed of future proceedings. We wish Mr. Wollenheim much success with the organization, and will help him with all in our power, but as you know, I have to discontinue publishing the Collector with this issue.

          Therefore, all rights to the Fantasy Fiction League and Fantasy Fiction Digest, the League’s official organ, no belong to Donald A. Wollheim of 801 W. End Ave. New York City, N.Y. He may do whatever he wishes with the organization. Signed, Morris A. Dollens




Why I am Quitting Science Fiction
by Morris S. Dollens

The New Science Fiction Collector
July 1937


Science fiction is an expensive hobby—if you go about it in the right way. I did—published the Science Fiction Collector, wrote poetry, articles, stories and drew illustrations for other amateur magazines. All this took up a slight bit of time—about 99% of it. Corresponding with about 70 fans is some job in any language. So I was forced to stop publishing the Science Fiction Collector—subscribers to the Science Fiction Fan and the rights to John V. Baltadonis who may also print Science Venture Stories, if he cares. Then I was going to draw and write for other fan mags—until I found that I now had less time than before, even though school was out. Do you realize that I spent over 40 hours doing the cartoon in the 4th Fantasy World? And every issue of the Science Fiction Fan I illustrate takes me about twenty hours---if I do the work fairly carefully. The contents page of this issue of the Collector took about two hours—and a 2000 word story would take me about fifteen hours at least. This leaves me no time to attempt to earn any money any other way (Heaven knows there’s no money in science fiction—for me, anyhow). So I’m quitting science fiction for a temporary, maybe permanent career in radio, television, stage and photography. I’ll do all drawings for preferred magazines (linoleum cuts excepted) just as usual---I may even decide to be an artist, though I doubt it, but anyway----- So Long


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